One of the most basic goals of the Greenway Foundation is to ensure a clean, healthy, South Platte River. It underlies everything else that we do.

The Greenway Foundation is working on a new effort to reduce trash in the South Platte River. Our SPREE teachers and our volunteers can attest to the volume of trash that ends up in our River and its tributaries.


• Many people do not know that ALL of the trash, leaves, pesticides – everything that gets washed into Denver’s storm drains empties DIRECTLY into the South Platte River, for the most part unfiltered. Uncollected dog waste, paper cups and plastic bags, paint, motor oil, you name it.


• You can help by simply being mindful of this fact. Remember that everything you put on your lawn, your neighborhood park’s lawn, your driveway and sidewalks will end up in the River.

• The Greenway Foundation is working to bring systemic change to our River as well, through adding wetlands (nature’s filtration systems) to the river banks, decreasing the “impervious surfaces” (asphalt and concrete) near the River, and generally working with various agencies to achieve a cleaner river.

• There are some exciting trends in Urban Design along these lines, called Low Impact Development. Check out some of the links below if you’re interested.

Please consider supporting Colorado’s Healthy Rivers Fund when you file your Colorado Income Tax.


And here is a fascinating report.
Trust for Public Land’s 2010 Report on the Economic Value of Denver’s Parks