The Noble Energy Gala on the Bridge
Presented by Wells Fargo
 A Benefit for The Greenway Foundation  

Celebrated directly over the South Platte River on the historic 19th Street pedestrian bridge in downtown Denver, the Gala on the Bridge features a unique evening with spectacular views of the river, cocktails, live music, and a multi-course dinner prepared by award winning chefs - all to support The Greenway Foundation's mission to reclaim, restore, and reconnect the community to their home river.

This year we are honored and humbled to name Ken Salazar as the 2014 Friend of the River.  

Date:  Thursday, September 18, 2014

Time:  Drinks at 6pm, Dinner at 7pm

Location:  The 19th & Platte Historic Bridge (map)

Tickets:  Purchase tickets HERE

Friend of the River Award
About Ken Salazar

As the former Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior appointed by President Obama, Ken directed a vast agency responsible for managing the nation's natural resources.  Ken's numerous conservation efforts include the creation of the America's Great Outdoors Initiative, ten new national parks, and ten new national wildlife refuges.

Well-known and respected in Colorado as a lawyer, businessman, farmer, and rancher, Salazar was elected to the U.S. Senate from Colorado in 2004.  Prior to becoming a U.S. Senator, Salazar was twice-elected to serve as Colorado's Attorney General, and also served as the state's Natural Resources Director and legal counsel to Governor Roy Romer.

In 1990, Ken was the visionary and leading advocate for the creation of Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO), which to date has provided over $825 million in funding to create over 3,500 projects across Colorado.  These projects benefit fish, wildlife, recreation, and communities that depend on healthy rivers.

Closer to home, over the last three decades GOCO has provided over $36 million to the South Platte River and its tributaries throughout the Metro Denver area.  Ken also served as a special advisor to Mayor Wellington Webb and his South Platte River Commission.

Past recipients of the Friend of the River Award include Chris Shears, Dana Crawford, and Mark Smith. 



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Title Sponsor Noble Energy
Presenting Sponsor Wells Fargo

Event Committee Chair

Steve Katich

Host Committee

Wendy Aiello Jim Carpenter Bar Chadwick
Dana Crawford Rob Grey Laurie Helmick
Jeff Hermanson Fabby Hillyard Mike LaMair
Holly Brown Nichols Chris Romer Ronda Sandquist
Will Shafroth Chris Shears Mark Smith
Dave Thorpe Ellen Willensky Jason Winkler
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